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New School Year, New Goals

As the beginning of the new school year rapidly approaches, I encourage ask yourself three questions:

  1. What did you enjoy over the summer that is out of the ordinary for you during the school year?

  2. If you had unlimited time, what would you want to learn how to do?

  3. What personal goals do you have that will bring you more joy in life?

As our schedules get busier, make sure you consider what you can do as an emotional and creative outlet. As for me, I know that no matter how time consuming practicing or sewing or painting can be, the satisfaction I get from reaching milestones makes every moment worth the effort.

It's possible you're someone who was told you weren't creative or musically talented or artistic when you were growing up. Maybe you tell yourself that you're not artsy, and you think "the only music I play is the radio" as the dad-joke goes. Whatever it is that has held you back from learning something new, I want to assure you that you can change that narrative for your life if you want to do it.

I've taught medical doctors and lawyers in their 50s to play the saxophone and flute when they've never touched an instrument before, and I've taught 5 year old children how to play the ukulele with stickers on the frets. No matter how old or young you are, you can always learn something new. You may think "I'm too busy for this" but a lot of growth can happen with just 15 minutes a day practicing your art.

So the only question I have left for you is this: What is stopping you from tapping into your creative juices this year?

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